Empirically-Driven Multiwavelength K-corrections At Low Redshift

Published in arXiv, 2023

Fielder, C. E., Andrews, B. H., Newman, J. A., & Salim, S. 2023, MNRAS, 525, 1023.

Standard K-correction methods rely on SED templates, but these templates can be poorly constrained in some bands (e.g., WISE W4). We present a data-driven method that for determining K-corrections even for bands that lack good templates. Assuming that low redshift galaxies constitute a one-parameter family, if given just one rest-frame color (e.g., in bands that are well-constrained by SED templates), we can regress across a large sample of low redshift galaxies to determine K-corrections for bands ranging from GALEX FUV to WISE W4.